Who is this for?

Who should  have their form or movement analyzed?  The easy answer is everyone but that’s too easy.



Runners do the same movement in one place (direction) repeatedly for miles on end.  That can cause some muscles to become dominant while letting others get weak because they rarely get used.  That problem is one of the leading causes of running injury.  When the secondary or stabilizing muscles get weak and don’t do their job then your joints get out of proper alignment which will lead to injury.  You may be able to run marathons right now with zero pain but if your routine isn’t well rounded then an injury could be waiting to happen.  Sadly the injury rates for runners is still staggeringly high and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for that change unless we change how we run.  Getting analyzed can help prevent that by seeing where the issues are and helping to create a targeted plan of improvement.


It’s no secret that just going for a walk can be good for your health.  While walking may seem harmless, and for the most part it is,  it is very repetitive in a singular plane of motion just like running and that can cause similar issues to what runners face.  With walking steadily becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise it is important to make sure an overuse injury doesn’t happen.  With an analysis we can take a look at what’s happening to your body when you walk and then show you how to make the changes necessary to keep your body strong and healthy so you can continue to enjoy your walks.


Performance improvement is a part of every sport and every athlete has room to improve.  Running is a major part of nearly every sport and making yourself a better runner in your sport can greatly improve your overall abilities.  For athletes an analysis can show you where you can improve your stride and movement to be more efficient while competing.  This type of improvement can be applied in any sport be it running a basketball court or rounding the bases if your form is strong and efficient you will do it better.   Sports have a similar effect on an person’s movement in that they too can create muscular imbalances which can hinder overall improvement.  A high speed video session can highlight those inefficiencies that are caused by repetitive sports specific movements so that specific corrective exercise recommendations can be made.

Schedule yours now and get on the path to improvement!


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