What is Gait Analysis?

Gait Analysis is simply the process of studying your motion, breaking it down into smaller segments, and measuring the angles of the joints while running and walking.

A Gait Analysis will benefit you in two ways

1.  Injury Prevention and Rehab

By looking at the gait in slow motion and in small segments we can identify inefficient movement and weak points in your movement.  They can then be targeted and corrected individually for an overall correction.

2.  Performance Improvement

The analysis shows us how the body moves as a whole which highlights various factors that could be leading to chronic injuries.  These could also keep you from getting faster, stronger, more efficient and with the video we can begin target those issues to allow you to improve.

Every Gait Analysis done at Gait Lab will include the following steps:

1.  Fitness, Injury, and Training history evaluation

2.  We’ll look at your feet and shoes to determine the structure, muscle development, and wear patterns

3.  General movement analysis where we put you through a series of simple movements

4.  High speed digital video recorded while barefoot walking and running along with shod walking and running

Video is taken at various speeds and angles

The Analysis: We will sit with you and go over the video showing you where the weak spots are in your range of motion

You will then be given a set of exercise and stretching recommendations to improve those weak spots.  We may also make recommendations for further treatments and training depending on your individual case.


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