“Jimmy Hart is the owner and running form expert with Gait Lab. He is very professional and puts anyone at ease with his relaxed and friendly demeanor. The gait analysis was invaluable as a runner because I was able to see every element of my form: good, bad, and ugly components as well as the benefit of watching my form change once I ran barefoot.  Not easy to watch the ugly parts but definitely helpful to allow me to correct and become a stronger more efficient runner!  I would recommend gait analysis and my experience with Jimmy Hart and Gait Lab to any runner that wants to become a stronger, faster, better runner or just wants to become more efficient.  Gait Lab helped me to find a better running form and even some happy shoes and you can’t really ask for much more! :)”



“I can fix that!” is my favorite Jimmyism! Jimmy was there for me when I started running. As a barefoot runner, clean and efficient form is vital to keeping skin! He was there with advice on my form, and over time, as my form progressed and things didn’t feel right, I didn’t tape it, inject it or rest it…I went to Jimmy, and he straightened me out. His observations are accurate, his advise is easy to follow and the results speak for themselves.”



“I wanted to share how much Gait Lab (owner Jimmy Hart) has impacted me over the last year and a half…

So, my running journey actually started “officially” in January of 2012 when I decided I wanted to try to run a 5K (hadn’t run more than a mile in 20 years). So I bought one of those $2 apps for my phone to train you over 10 weeks or so to go from “the couch to a 5K”. In February of 2012, I reconnected with my buddy Matt Hester and I told him that I wanted to run my first 5K in March 2012. I started running with Matt and he introduced me to his coach, Jimmy Hart…this was the start of what was a 9 month training journey that led to me running my first marathon in January of 2013. It wasn’t an easy journey, but after Jimmy applied his science (Gait Analysis) and all his years of experience, he has helped fix my form, which totally resolved pain from a knee injury and has allowed me to run like I never thought I could at nearly 40 years old. My love for running has continued to increase due to the encouragement and the weekly coaching that I receive. In fact, over the last week (July 2013) due to the training he has me doing, I have seen improvements that are now allowing me to run much farther and faster than I have ever done previously. For example, I used to only do the Galloway method (3-4 min intervals running with 1 min walking), but I am now able to run 5 miles without taking a rest, this has given me a whole new level of confidence that I can improve my distance running and even increase my overall pace.”

Thank you Jimmy and Gait Lab for all your help!



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