Gait Analysis

  • General movement assessment
  • Analysis of foot structure and shoe wear
  • High speed video from multiple angles
  • Walking analysis and Running analysis done at various speeds
  • Guided analysis and review of video session
  • Corrective exercise recommendations for improvement
  • Copy of the video

Price: $125

Initial Corrective Package

  • Includes the Gait Analysis Package
  • 2 – 1 on 1 corrective exercise sessions
  • Add a second video analysis to this package for $50 (This makes the total $255)

Price: $205

Video Gait Analysis Retest

  • After you’ve done your recommended training you’ll need to be re-evaluated to measure gains and make any changes to your plan to continue progress.

Price: $75

1 on 1 Fitness, Corrective, or Performance Training Sessions

  • Fitness: General Fitness training sessions for weight loss, strength, or a boost to your current training plan
  • Corrective: Can focus on gait correction, rehab, and injury prevention
  • Performance: General performance improvement for everyone including sports specific, run coaching, and endurance.  All sports, all levels.

Price: $50 per session/ package discounts available on request 

Run Coaching

  • Contact us about our group and personalized run coaching
  • Marathon and Half Marathon Training and Programming
  • Performance Improvement: Want a faster time?  We can help
  • Beginners who want to know how to get on the path to that first 5k

Price: Prices vary based on program and group or individual.  Please contact us so we can get you on the    right plan at the right price! 

Schedule Your Appointment!


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