I currently do not have any pains or injuries.  Will I still benefit from a Gait Analysis?

Yes.  The best athletes in the world work on their form and mechanics every day with coaches and trainers.  They do this because they can always improve through even the slightest adjustments.  This is the same for everyone who wants to improve at what they are doing.

A Gait Analysis can also help prevent an injury that could happen.  By finding and working on weak spots in your motion you could prevent an injury from happening through “wear and tear”


What do I need for my Gait Analysis appointment?

  1. Your current walking or running shoes.  Bring an older pair if your shoes are new.
  2. Your current orthotics if you use them.
  3. T-Shirt, tank top, or sports bra (if you’re comfortable) as form fitting as possible.
  4. Shorts as form fitting as possible.
  5. All your questions and concerns



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