Training Tip: Running In Wind

It is inevitable, and there is no way to escape it.  If you are a runner you will one day walk out your front door to a nice clear morning and think that you are in for a great run.  You will then round the corner to be met by a sharp and fierce wind that will hit you in the face like an upper cut from Tyson.  You’ll doubt your run and think maybe it’s best to go back in.  You are after all still at your house and given the gale force enemy you are thinking of facing, no one would blame you.  The truth is the wind can be a great training tool for building strength and even speed, but you have to navigate it correctly to get the most out of it.  There are tricks that can be employed to make the wind less of an enemy. Continue reading


Training Tip: Hydration

The sun is getting brighter, the days longer, and the air more humid.  Oh yes, it’s summer time.  Unlike most runners, I enjoy running in the heat.  During the summer you will often find me logging long miles in the heat of the day.  For some reason I like the intense heat.  It probably goes back to my early days of running when I believed that training in the extreme heat would make me that much better when the races were in the morning and it was cooler.  I still think it worked.  The only problem I had back then was that I often got dehydrated, and I don’t mean a little dry.  I mean picked up on the side of the road covered in goose bumps when it was 100 degrees out.  My problem then was that I had no idea how much water I really needed.  After years of mistakes and education, I found that it was a lot more than I (or most people) actually realized.  So how much is that? Continue reading