Run Efficient – Run Fast

Gait Lab is a high performance training facility for the improvement of runners where we put the science to the motion.

Our goal is to help you reach yours by figuring out what needs improvement in order to help you perform at your peak or at the very least injury/pain free.

Once the analyzing is done we will put in the physical work and show you how to put all that information in action.

Video Gait Analysis for Runners and Walkers

At Gait Lab we use high speed digital video recording with advanced motion capture software to spot areas in your gait that need improvement.  We use the information gained from the video session and a general movement assessment to determine what areas are weak spots and develop a corrective plan.

Changes are made through programs including:

          • Individual  muscle strengthening and flexibility programs
          • Making adjustments to running/walking motions
          • 1 on 1 coaching
          • Making Shoe recommendations

 Schedule Yours Today! 214-997-4210



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